Proper design is essential to producing a solid application architecture for any software system. Having the right architecture means having a solid foundation on which to build your business applications.

What We Can Do For You.

We will assess your project’s needs and help you to develop a well thought-out design and system architecture that meets your project’s specific business, technical, and deployment requirements. We will also determine the proper development methodology for your project by taking into account its technical requirements, your team’s experience with software development projects, and your company’s culture and management style. This will put your project on firm ground and headed down the road to success.

Our Software Design and Architecture Services

You are not expected to be an expert in the area of software design, after all that is our responsibility, but you may find it helpful to have the "big picture" view in mind when deciding if our services are right for your project. When we talk about Software Design and Architecture, what we are really describing is a number of technical domains that are all inter-related; Software Design, Application Architecture, and System Architecture. And while in the strictest sense they are separate domains, they should not be developed in isolation as key decisions for each are often best made in conjunction with one another.

Software Design and Architecture, Put Simply
  • The set of significant decisions about how a software system is organized.
  • The selection of key elements which are to comprise the software system.
  • The interfaces and behavior of the key elements in the software system.
  • Planning for the interaction of these elements within the system and with other systems.

Software Design

In order to devise a complete software solution, the business objectives and requirements need to be collected, organized, and understood. The depth to which this is done upfront and the degree to which they are formally documented is highly dependent on the software development methodology chosen. In any event, there are a number of key considerations to be made and that is the goal of Blueric Software’s Design services.

Key Application Design Considerations
  • Identify the key business drivers for the application.
  • Identify the high-level functional requirements of the application.
  • Identify any assumptions or dependencies regarding the software and its use.
  • Identify performance and scalability requirements.
  • Determine the end-user characteristics and their impact on the design.
  • Evaluate the need and/or probability for future changes in functionality or project scope.

Application Architecture

Software applications come in many shapes and sizes. For purposes of discussion, we can group them into any number of application types, each of which merit special consideration during the design and architectural phases of a project. At Blueric Software, we are highly skilled at evaluating the needs of your project and delivering appropriate application architectures.

Microsoft Application Architecture Guide (2nd Edition)
  • Mobile applications.

    Applications of this type can be developed as thin client or rich client applications. Rich client mobile applications can support disconnected or occasionally connected scenarios. Web or thin client applications support connected scenarios only. Device resources may prove to be a constraint when designing mobile applications.

  • Rich client applications.

    Applications of this type are usually developed as stand-alone applications with a graphical user interface that displays data using a range of controls. Rich client applications can be designed for disconnected and occasionally connected scenarios if they need to access remote data or functionality.

  • Rich Internet applications.

    Applications of this type can be developed to support multiple platforms and multiple browsers, displaying rich media or graphical content. Rich Internet applications run in a browser sandbox that restricts access to some features of the client.

  • Service applications.

    Services expose shared business functionality and allow clients to access them from a local or a remote system. Service operations are called using messages, based on XML schemas, passed over a transport channel. The goal of this type of application is to achieve loose coupling between the client and the server.

  • Web applications.

    Applications of this type typically support connected scenarios and can support different browsers running on a range of operating systems and platforms.

System Architecture

A software system is more than just the application’s code or its components and sub-components. The domain of a system architect is to devise and plan for the physical system, including servers, processors, networks, virtualized environments, and the like on which the software system will run. Blueric Software can make these determinations for you and even act as the technical contact of record on your behalf with third-party hosting and infrastructure providers.

Learn more about some of the tools and technologies we use in the design and implementation of software systems, web applications, and web services.